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Scheme preparation:

Based on client requirements preparing the scheme layouts, General Arrangement (GA) Drawings.

RCC Design:

Designing of sub structures, Super structures, Storage Structures, Retaining Wall Designs.

Rebar Detailing works:

Slab Detailing, Beam Detailing, Columns, stairs & special structures Based on BS, IS codes Standards.

Post tensioning slab:

Detailing on PT slab and beam based on BS, TR 43 & IS code standards.

Precast Drawing:

Prepare the precast construction drawings, shop drawings of different Element.

Shop drawing services:

Prepare the detailed shop drawings based on client’s design documents.

Rebar Estimation works:

Estimate the rebar quantities based on shop drawings & detailed drawings.

Fabrication drawing works.


Structural design:

Design of structural framings in buildings, industrial shed, warehouse.

Structural detailing work:

All type of steel structure detailing work (Connection Detailing & Framing Detailing)

3D modeling works:

Do the 3D building models, Concrete elements models 3D walk through.

Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC design and detailing works:

Do the Wiring drawings, Lighting Layouts, Loading drawings Pipe line routings, Heat Ventilation AC arrangements detailing. 


We provide the service of Project Management activity on behalf of clients. We have the strong engineering team to handle the project within the TIME frame and ensure the Q2